News Conferences Video(s) - City of Austin, TX Video Archive
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Video Date Duration
Audit Committee Sep 12, 2023 55m 04s
Regional Rail Right of Way Company Sep 12, 2023 08m 05s
Committee of the Whole Sep 12, 2023 04h 50m
FY24 Direct Reports’ Goal and Metric Development Ad Hoc Committee Sep 08, 2023 03h 11m
Committee of the Whole Aug 22, 2023 02h 01m
Committee of the Whole Aug 08, 2023 03h 15m
Audit Committee Aug 08, 2023 12m 36s
DART Mobility LGC Board of Directors Aug 08, 2023 16m 19s
Audit Committee Jul 11, 2023 25m 56s
Committee of the Whole Jul 11, 2023 04h 16m

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